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Fructis Garnier for Men Success Story

Fructis Garnier for Men Success Story

Here's a story of a man who used Fructis Garnier shampoo in an attempt to curb his hair loss. Garnier hair-loss formula you ask? You're right, there isn't a Fructis hair-loss product. However, according to this account shampoo success story, it does the job!

We had this reader send us a mail telling us about his success story. We asked him to write a short article about how Garnier Fructis help with hair loss. His shampoo history and success story is below.


I'm a 28 year old male. I've always had a low forehead so was never too worried about hair-loss. In fact, I would use the cheapest shampoo I could find, provided it smelled good. So, my shampoo choice was usually something from the dollar store. Suave shampoo has some good scents, and since they were less than a dollar, I would buy those sometimes too. I would see some shampoo coupons such as Herbal Essence coupons or Fructis Garnier coupons for shampoo, but even with the coupons I would save more using the dollar shampoo. I wasn't broke, I was just cheap.

Then, due to how women felt regarding my short buzz cut, I decided to grow my hair out. I was surprised, after growing my hair, how much hair would accumulate in my drain. Hair would fall out on the table while I was sitting there reading a book! I went to a beauty salon and they suggested taking multi-vitamins, which I've been taking for years. The suggested not applying any elixir to my head as the hair-producing cells might begin to depend on it.

So, as I kept growing my hair, I changed shampoos and started using conditioner. My choice was Garnier Fructis shampoo. The reasons I choose Garnier were because my sister told me it was a good shampoo. Pantene is a good shampoo too, but it costs a bit more. And even then, I would have preferred Herbal Essences, but I had Fructis Garnier coupons which made the choice easy.

I didn't know what type to buy [list of Garnier products for hair] so I chose Fructis Daily Care shampoo and Fructis Daily Care conditioner. The smell was okay, I guess, and after the coupons I paid about $2 for each bottle.

Lo and behold, it worked! After only about two weeks the hair falling out of my head decreased by I'd say about 75%. Wow! Most people tell me that it wasn't necessarily Garnier Fructis stopping hair-loss, it was my stopping of using the dollar store shampoo that stopped my hair loss and any other popular brand would have given me the same results.

True as that may be, I'm not switching. I will continue to use Garnier until I'm bald! Thanks, Garnier!

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