Friday, October 2, 2009

Printable Garnier Coupons

Printable Garnier Coupons

Okay, folks we've got new printable Garnier coupons for you. This one below is for save $0.75 on Garnier Fructis on any shampoo, conditioner or treatment (excluding trial size).

This isn't a bad deal at all. At our local Kroger and Meijer stores the price of Garnier Shampoo has dropped down to about $3.29. At Kroger, even though this is a manufacturer's coupon, it will qualify for double coupons and we'll save $1.50 off of this bottle of shampoo!

We don't guarantee that this coupon will work if you print it on your home computer, but if it does you'll be able to get $1.50 off of each a shampoo and a conditioner if you have a Kroger around! At Walmart you won't be able to double it, but it's probably only $2.99 at Walmart and they are more likely to be open 24 hours!

Printable Garnier Coupons
(Printing on home computer may not qualify for discount)

We'll have more printable Garnier coupons on the way. That's what this site is about so if this is the shampoo you use, stay tuned, bookmark, and check back to see what we have that's new!

Oh, this is a Garnier coupon 2009 which will expire October 15, 2009.

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